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11 Jul 2016
  • Search

C-s C-w search for the word after the current mark C-s C-y searches for the rest of the line after the current mark C-s C-M-y searches for the character after the mark

M-% query-replace C-M-% query-replace-regexp

regexp notes: spaces: “\s-“

  • mark

C-c l mark-line

  • Jump

C-SPC C-SPC Set the mark, pushing it onto the mark ring, without activating it.

C-u C-SPC Move point to where the mark was, and restore the mark from the ring of former marks.

M-e isearch-edit-string, edit the search string in the minibuffer when isearch is activated.

  • Bookmark

C-x r m - set a bookmark at the current location (e.g. in a file) C-x r b - jump to a bookmark C-x r l - list your bookmarks M-x bookmark-delete - delete a bookmark by name

  • Macro

C-x ( Start recording macro C-x ) End recording macro C-x e Run macro

  • Reload file

C-x C-v Find alternate file

  • CC Mode C-c . c-set-style, switching CC Mode style

  • Edit

M-x untabify Convert all tabs in region to multiple spaces, preserving columns.